Pain Rx


Pain Rx is a powerful formulation of emu oil blended with other natural ingredients, including 11 different therapeutic herbs, which quickly alleviates pain by penetrating the skin surface,directly and effectively targeting sore or inflamed tissues and muscles, to reach the source ofpain. This colorless, lightweight cream is safe and easy to use and is a great alternative to oralmedications.


In addition to emu oil, Pain Rx contains menthol, whole leaf aloe vera, vitamin C, marigold extract, coriander oil, cornflower extract, feverfew extract, German chamomile extract, glucosamine, grape seed extract, limetree extract, MSM, stinging nettle extract, vitamin E, willow bark extract and witch hazel extract.

Pain Rx consists of all natural ingredients, and contains no added color or fragrance, dyes, chemical preservatives or parabens.

These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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Weight 4 oz