At Hassu Lintu Emu Ranch we are committed to raising quality livestock on a small family farm and to offering the highest quality emu meat and oil products available. At Hassu Lintu we seek to give our birds a “free range” lifestyle, providing them with shelter, room to run, shade and even swimming pools. Our birds are fed with a high quality grain feed, containing no animal products, antibiotics, growth promotants or hormones.

We seek to treat each customer with honesty, integrity and respect and to reflect in our business practices our Christian faith and values. As members of the American Emu Association, we strive to maintain the latest in research and developments relating to emu ranching, as well as the nutritional, culinary and pharmaceutical uses for emu products.

NOT ALL EMU PRODUCTS ARE ALIKE! Hassu Lintu products are produced with pharmaceutical grade ingredients, and with exceptionally high percentages of the essential ingredients. Compare, and you will see the difference!

In addition to our own meat and oil products, we are also distributors for the full range of Country Divine Products(LB Processors), as well as for Super Blue Stuff.

Visitors are always welcome at Hassu Lintu Emu Ranch. We enjoy the opportunity to introduce others to these docile, curious birds. Please call us to arrange your visit to our ranch.

For more information, to order our oil products or to schedule a visit to our ranch, please contact us.